Landscape Installation

At Tree & Timber, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with a landscape that not only looks good when we leave, but flourishes through time. This is accomplished in many different ways:

a) Consideration to existing conditions such as sunlight requirements, soil conditions, environmental factors (i.e. road salt, wind, water runoff, etc.), and moisture requirements. These items along with future maintenance requirements are given priority during the design phase.

b) The soil is amended prior to planting to ensure proper nutrients are delivered to the new plants. This is most commonly accomplished by introducing additional topsoil and compost into soils, occasionally requiring removal of some existing soil. In some instances, other materials such as sand may be used to improve drainage. All jobsites are unique, and are treated that way.

c) Plants are installed correctly using the latest suggested techniques by the industry experts. We attend annual seminars and lectures given by the professionals to ensure this.

d) Plant stock is hand selected at the nursery for appearance, vitality, and size. We ensure that our plants are free of harmful pests, and the growers are well established and reputable within our industry.

e) Hardscaping items such as brick pavers and retaining walls are installed with permanence in mind. We employ techniques exceeding the manufacturers specifications, using only the best materials. These basic steps ensure that all our stone and concrete creations last a lifetime.

f) Thorough instruction is given to homeowners concerning the proper care of the new landscape after the installation. Everything from watering and fertilizing, to weed control and pruning is covered. Our clients know that they can call on us at any time for answers to questions which may arise ‘down the road’.

g) Lastly, we provide any and all maintenance to our landscapes that our clients require. Annual clean-ups, pruning, and mulching are the most commonly requested items.

To obtain a quote for your project, please contact us and we’ll be happy to meet with you on site to assess your individual needs.

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